DC Plan Participant Allocation Services


Via Active401k, BFP provides a non-discretionary subscription-based investment advisory service that provides specific and customized allocation recommendations to participants of company sponsored retirement plans. Active401k is provided through Q3 Advisors, LLC (“Q3 Advisors”) an SEC registered investment adviser.

Through the service, the client receives automated messages with a link to their subscription account at www.Active401k.com so that they can review the recommended allocation of the investments inside of their existing company plan. The client has discretion to act on those recommendations by navigating over to their company interface to make changes in their own account.

Third Party Money Managers

We have a contract with Q3 Advisors, LLC to provide you with the level of assistance you need. Due to the nature of their program, Q3 Advisors is required to provide you with a separate disclosure document. You should carefully review this document for important and specific program details.

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