Non-Discretionary Defined Contribution Advisory Services

As an enterprise becomes more successful, recruiting and retention become competitive differentiators. An important component of any well designed employee benefits program is a defined contribution plan. Multiple challenges await management instituting a new plan including identifying, implementing and maintaining a plan that balances high quality investment alternatives for employees with a low-cost, turn-key implementation for employers and managing the regulatory requirements of the plan. This process can be simplified by retaining an investment advisor to guide the process from start to finish.

Consider your Brighton Financial Planning Financial Advisor your personal “Chief Investment Officer”. Our advisors, John P. Middleton, CFA, CFP®, CAIA, AIF®, and Lorraine Eugnio, CFP®, have over 60 years of combined experience in the financial services industry. Our experience and complementary expertise enable us to serve as resources on a variety of financial management issues. Whether advising a defined contribution plan or an endowment or foundation, we will draw on our expertise to tailor solutions to your unique needs and ensure implementation fulfills your objectives. We will also work closely with your plan administrator and custodian to ensure all regulatory requirements are met.

Investment Policy Statement

Critical to long-term success of an investment fund is a well-designed investment policy statement. The policy statement will identify the return objectives, risk tolerance and unique goals or needs of the fund. It will also cover the asset allocation we believe provides the best prospects of achieving the fund’s long-term goals. Brighton advisors work closely with our clients to develop a thorough understanding of their objectives and design an investment policy statement which we believe provides the highest probability of success.

Asset Allocation

We believe the most important decision in investment management is asset allocation. This is the process of building a diversified portfolio by combining multiple asset classes in varying weights. Asset classes respond differently to different market conditions. Properly combining asset classes can build a well-diversified portfolio which provides the opportunity to meet your long-term objectives while maintaining volatility within your risk tolerance. Common asset classes include domestic and international equities, domestic and international fixed income, real estate, commodities and alternative strategies.

Strategy Selection

Selecting the right investment options contributes greatly to long-term success. Whether creating a line-up of options for a defined contribution plan or selecting options for an endowment or a foundation, Brighton advisors focus on selecting managers who meet our stringent criteria for inclusion in our portfolios. We emphasize experienced managers with sound investment processes and attractive long-term track records. Once our investment options are determined we will seek to implement the asset allocation using the most cost-effective vehicles available. We will consider open-end, closed-end mutual funds, exchange traded funds, commingled funds and separate accounts where available.

Our objective is always to preserve our client’s financial well-being with sound asset allocation, diversified investment options, implementation at reasonable fees and outstanding service.