Fee Schedule


$0 to $1,000,000 – 1.25% on average daily balances (annualized, paid quarterly in arrears)

Next $1,000,001–$2,500,000 - 0.75% on average daily balances (annualized, paid quarterly in arrears)

Over $2,500,000 - 0.25% on average daily balances (annualized, paid quarterly in arrears)

For example, for a hypothetical $3,000,000 average daily balance account:

First $1,000,000 = $1,000,000 *(.0125/4) = $3,125.00

Next $1,500,000 = $1,500,000 *(.0075/4) = $2,812.50

Next $500,000 = $500,000 *(.0025/4) = $312.50

Quarterly Fee = $6,250

Fees are calculated quarterly, in arrears, using average daily balance for the completed quarter. Each client receives a quarterly billing statement with his/her quarterly account statement. Fees are deducted directly, with client consent, from the client account seven (7) days after the quarterly billing statement is mailed to clients. Related client account assets are aggregated for fee purposes. Fees are billed on a pro-rated basis (from the first of the quarter to the date of termination) upon client account termination for any reason. BFP reserves the right to negotiate fees.

For qualified accounts over $280,000 in total assets, all financial and estate planning services are included in the Discretionary Fee. For accounts under $280,000, the Financial and Estate Planning Schedule applies to all financial and/or estate planning engagements and is separate from the Discretionary Fee Schedule.


Non-discretionary Investment Advisory for accounts under $50,000 or otherwise deemed non-discretionary by BFP with client consent:

$350 per hour (4 hour annual minimum)


We will provide prospective financial planning clients a quote prior to engagement. The quote will be based on the following hourly fees:

Data Collection & Data Analysis/Plan Preparation = $300 per hour

Financial Planning Meetings = $350 per hour

The fee encompasses data collection and analysis, plan creation, recommendations, 2-3 meetings and an additional follow up meetings as need for the next 12 months post plan presentation. Clients pay an initial fee of $500 at the time the financial planning agreement is signed. This fee is credited toward the final invoice. Payment for the final invoice is due upon receipt.

Asset monitoring/advisory, financial and estate planning fees are credited against discretionary investment management fees if the client retains BFP to manage assets over $280,000 on a discretionary basis. Accounts exceeding $280,000 in value during a quarter are charged on a pro-rated basis according to the discretionary investment management fee schedule.

The fee for non-discretionary defined contribution plan investment advisory services is 0.5% of assets under advisory annualized and is calculated, debited from plan assets and paid to BFP by the third party administrator on a quarterly basis. Prior written consent of clients is provided to the third-party administrator.


$350 per hour

All fees are negotiable at firm discretion.